June 28-30, 2024

Art Speaks Cafe

The "Art Speaks" Café at the 2024 IBE Summer Celebration will continue its tradition of being a dynamic platform for local artists, nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of the Indiana Black Expo's Cultural Arts Pavilion. This annual showcase is set to feature an even richer tapestry of artistic expressions over a weekend, highlighting the diverse talents of emerging Black visual and performing artists.

Attendees can expect an immersive experience, from live performances and open mic sessions to interactive art installations and free paint nights. The event is dedicated to celebrating creativity across various mediums, including comedy, dance, fine arts, theater, literary arts, crafts, photography, and culinary arts, ensuring a comprehensive cultural feast that champions the spirit and contributions of the Black community in the arts

When: June 28-30, 2024
Where: Cultural Arts Pavilion in the Indiana Convention Center
Cost: Free