2021 Outdoor Food Vendor Terms & Conditions 


The Exhibitor hereby agrees to abide by all agreements made among any humans or other labor groups with jurisdiction at the event. 

Marketing Activities Outside Exhibit Space

The Exhibitor may not extend its marketing activities in any way or at any height level beyond the three-dimensional boundaries of its exhibit space. Displays of any kind including products, advertising, promotional signs, literature, novelties, personal interaction, etc. will not be permitted in any area other than exhibit spaces, and not public areas such as sidewalks, streets, surrounding areas of hotel properties including parking lots and other outdoor spaces.

Non-official Contractors

The Exhibitor shall neither contract for nor use any services in connection with its exhibit space without prior approval of show management. Noise Representatives operating sound equipment, radios, loudspeakers, or any noise-creating devices shall do so only at a level that will not interfere with other exhibitors and or attendees. Show management reserves the right to restrict exhibits because of noise, method of operation, creation of safety hazards, or any other reason that will interfere with the best interest of the event as a whole. 


No balloons of any size or type will be permitted for display purposes or giveaways in the exhibit space.

Health Codes

All vendors must meet County Health Department codes. All food vendors will be required to obtain a temporary event food permit from the Marion County Public Health Department (link below).


Performing Licenses 

Exhibitor will be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses for permission to perform, broadcast, transmit or display any copyrighted works (including without limitation, music, audio or video cording, art, etc.), which Exhibitor may use or request to be used at the Outdoor Concert\



Booth dismantling, before the scheduled time, is a disruption to the exhibition and increases show liability. Please adhere to scheduled times. Exhibitors are required to dismantle their exhibits at 10:30 pm.