Black Business Scholarship Support Initiative

Celebrating 51 Years of Black Culture & Business in Indiana

More than 51 years ago, Indiana Black Expo, Inc. (“IBE”) hosted its first exposition to match small black businesses with major corporations.  Since this time, IBE has provided a venue during its Summer Celebration exhibition hall for small black businesses to sell their products and services.   

Black businesses have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic-linked economic downturn, partly because they were more likely to already be in a precarious position, including more likely to be located in communities with business environments that are more likely to produce poor business outcomes.  

Financial Support:
Many businesses that have reaped the benefits of selling their products and services during the 3-day exhibition during Summer Celebration can no longer afford to participate.  Consequently, we are asking our corporate sponsors to provide financial support to small businesses to allow them to participate in this year’s Black Wall Street Business Zone.  In exchange for such support, you will be acknowledged via signage in the exhibition hall and via a press release that will be provided to local media prior to the event.  Our goal is to ensure that a minimum of 50 small Black businesses will have the opportunity to participate in our Black Wall Street Business Zone. 

Companies that qualify for scholarship support will have net revenues of less than $250,000 annually.   

The cost for each small Black-owned business is $725.  We encourage each corporate partner to support as many businesses that your budget will allow to participate.   

Questions about scholarships? Contact Katrina Owens, Vice President of Administration at

Sponsorship Form

Thank you for supporting Black businesses and their opportunity to exhibit at Summer Celebration.  Please indicate the number of exhibitors you would like to support and complete the form below.